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GEMSTONE------:100% natural 	Paraiba Tourmaline
SHAPE   	     ------:	Oval
WEIGHT      ------: 11.12 ct
SIZE   	      	  ------:17.52x11.62x8.28 mm
QUANTITY.  ------:	1 Piece
COLOR   	    ------:Greenish Blue
CLARITY      	------:VS
LUSTER       	------:Good
ORIGIN   	     ------:Mozambique
HARDNESS  ------:8

This copper and mangnese bearing Cuperian elbaite tourmaline called Paraiba tourmaline in tradE.

This is BEAUTIFUL AND CLEAN gem for someone looking for paraiba tourmaline with big face no window.

GIA Certified 11.12 Ct Paraiba Tourmaline oval from Mozambique