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Alifgems Limited, established in 2004, is a distinguished Hong Kong-based company founded by Danish and Mona Sheikh. Specializing in the world of gemstones, both founders bring a wealth of expertise as certified Color Gemstones gemologists and graders, reflecting a deep commitment to precision and quality.

Nestled in the vibrant Middle Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, the main office of Alifgems Limited serves as the epicenter of its operations. The strategic location positions the company at the crossroads of international trade and commerce, facilitating seamless engagement with global markets.

Beyond its Hong Kong headquarters, Alifgems Limited has extended its influence through strategic partnerships, establishing branches in key locations worldwide. From the USA and Dubai to Switzerland, the UK, Bangkok, Taiwan, Moscow, S. Korea (강남구), India, and Sri Lanka, these partnerships underscore the company's dedication to serving a diverse and international clientele.


In 2013, our business underwent a strategic relocation from Dubai to the vibrant and dynamic city of Hong Kong. This decision was rooted in the unparalleled advantages offered by Hong Kong's strategic location, especially its pivotal role in the global gem and jewelry trade.

At the heart of our decision was Hong Kong's prestigious gem and jewelry show, a world-class event that draws dealers and enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. This annual showcase serves as a focal point for the industry, providing an unparalleled platform for businesses to exhibit their premium products to a discerning global audience.

By relocating to Hong Kong, we have seamlessly integrated our business into the beating heart of the global gem and jewelry market, capitalizing on the city's strategic advantages to propel our enterprise to new heights in the competitive world of luxury goods. This move has not only expanded our reach but has also solidified our presence in an environment conducive to growth, innovation, and international collaboration.


Alifgems stands as a prominent authority in the realm of exquisite gemstones, offering a distinguished collection of investment-grade natural gemstones, rings, pendants, and diamonds. With a rich legacy spanning over 25 years, the company has earned its reputation through a multifaceted approach that encompasses selling, buying, consultancy, certification, custom rings, jewelry designs, and meticulous gemstones sourced from diverse corners of the world.

Gemstone Portfolio

Alifgems takes pride in curating a diverse and unparalleled selection of gemstones. Among the notable gems in their inventory are the coveted Burmese Ruby, renowned for its deep red hue and rarity; the mesmerizing Alexandrite, known for its color-changing properties; the rare vibrant horsetail Demantoid Garnet; the alluring Burmese Spinel; Jedi Spinel; Mahenge Spinel; the legendary Kashmir Sapphire; the exquisite Burmese Sapphire; the magnificent Neon electric blue paraiba tourmaline and the lush Muzo green Colombian Emerald, to name just a few. Each gemstone is carefully chosen for its unique characteristics, ensuring that clients receive not only a piece of exceptional beauty but also a valuable investment.


Certification and Authentication

Alifgems prioritizes transparency and authenticity. To guarantee the quality and origin of their gemstones, the company relies on certifications from esteemed gemological institutions such as Gublin, SSEF, GRS, GIA, and AIGS. These certifications serve as a testament to the gemstone's authenticity, quality, and value. Clients can trust that their acquisitions have been thoroughly vetted by recognized experts in the field.


Comprehensive Services

The expertise of Alifgems extends beyond mere transactions. The company provides a spectrum of services, including Gemstone sourcing from major mines and global gem dealers, and gemstone consultation, where clients can leverage the knowledge and experience of Alifgems' experts to make informed decisions. Additionally, the company engages in custom jewelry, ring, and pendant design, reshaping of gemstones, allowing clients to create bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces tailored to their preferences.


Global Sourcing

Alifgems prides itself on a global network that spans various gemstone-rich regions. This allows the company to source gems directly from mines and major gem dealers, ensuring not only a diverse range but also a level of exclusivity that adds to the investment value of each piece.



Alifgems' collection includes both precious and semi-precious gemstones, featuring rare gems like Burmese Ruby, Colombian Emerald, Padparadscha Sapphire, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Alexandrite, Spinel, Demantoid Garnet, Pink Sapphires, Paraiba Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Manganite, which are highly sought after by collectors and jewelry houses. The gemstones undergo thorough inspection, checking, and grading by a team of gemologists with GIA certificates for testing and grading. Certification by GIA, GRS, AIGS, SSEF, and GUBLIN ensures the authenticity and quality of the gemstones, leaving no room for speculation.


Alifgems Limited is dedicated to setting the highest standards in the gemstone and jewelry industry, aspiring to be more than just a business entity but a reliable partner for its niche and trusted clients. The company places a strong emphasis on building trust and maintaining long-term relationships with its clientele. This commitment is evident in its core goal: to establish itself as a trustworthy and enduring enterprise.

In addition to its physical presence, Alifgems Limited has successfully expanded its reach through various sales channels, notably eBay and Etsy. These platforms have a track record of 100% positive feedback for these platforms since long time, which is a testament to the company's commitment to transparency, reliability, and consistently delivering quality products and services.

The success on online platforms reinforces Alifgems Limited's standing as a reputable and customer-centric business. The positive feedback reflects not only the quality of the gemstones and jewelry offered but also the professionalism, reliability, and integrity that define the company's interactions with its online customers.



In essence, Alifgems is not merely a purveyor of gemstones; it is a trusted partner for enthusiasts, collectors, and investors seeking unparalleled beauty, authenticity, and value in every precious stone. The company's commitment to excellence, coupled with its extensive experience and global reach, solidifies its position as a leader in the world of fine gemstones.

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Hong Kong Customs & Excise

Certificate for category A regis.

Company business registration
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Visit our eBay, Etsy store, and Instagram page

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