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Alifgems Limited is a Hong Kong-based registered company since 2017. We also have branches in Bangkok, Dubai, India, Sri Lanka, and India. Specializing in the world of the finest natural gemstones, We bring a wealth of expertise as certified Color Gemstones gemologists and graders, reflecting a deep commitment to precision and quality.

Our sales channels,

We mostly sell our gemstones online through all major online platforms, Through Gemshows Hong Kong, Bangkok, US, Jeneva, and In our offices in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Our collections include rare, Investment, and commercial-grade gemstones

Natural Paraiba Tourmaline, Emerald ( Colombia & Zambia), Spinels ( Burma, Tanzania & Mahenge), Ruby ( Burma & Mozambique), Kashmir Sapphire,  Padparadscha Sapphire, Blue sapphires ( Ceylon, Mada & East Africa),  Alexandrite ( Brazil, India, Cylon), Cats Eye ( Chrysoberyl, Apatite), Demantoid Garnet ( Russia, Namibia ), Tsavorite Garnet, Opal, Moonstones, Pink Sapphires, Aquamarine, Morganite, Rubellite, Bi-color tourmaline, Topaz, and many more.

Our gemstones are inspected, checked, and graded by our team of gemologists mostly GIA graduates. Most of our gemstones, Jewelry, and Ring are Certified by GIA, GRS, AIGS, SSEF, and GUBLIN which leaves no room for any speculation whatsoever.

Our gemstones are checked, tested, and graded by our team of gemologists. Most of our gemstones are GIA CERTIFIED which leaves no room for any speculation.

Our goal is to be the best and our motto is customer satisfaction.

Help us make this possible.





Alifgems is not merely a purveyor of gemstones; it is a trusted partner for enthusiasts, collectors, and investors seeking unparalleled beauty, authenticity, and value in every precious stone. The company's commitment to excellence, extensive experience, and global reach solidifies its position as a leader in the world of fine gemstones.


H. Danish ( Graduate Gemologist, IT expert ),

Over 22 Years of experience in Buying and selling Fine gemstones, Jewelry, and Diamonds.

Mona A.S ( GIA Gemologist, and color gemstone consultant).

Over 15 years of experience in gemstone grading and identifications, Providing consultancy to private collectors, jewelers, and investors.

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Hong Kong Customs & Excise

Certificate for category A regis.

Company business registration
HK custom certificate.jpg

Visit our eBay, Etsy store, and Instagram page

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